Innovation & Resources


Today Lyon Serti brings together some thirty employees on site and nearly twenty independent artisans is a total staff of fifty people animated by the same sense of innovation and quality.

Historically, the company relies on the regular training of its staff and it is through this policy that nearly sixty-five job qualification were conducted to date.

Family, the company has kept its values while enabling its employees to thrive in an exceptional work environment


Out of nearly 450m ², the workshop is a marvelous technology. Modern and equipped with advanced tooling, the individual workstations are fully configurable to optimize performance. The use of camera / binocular assists the company for his teleconferences or for training its apprentices. All these tools guarantee its customers the highest quality and ultra short time jewel setting.

Willingness to innovate

For 40 years, Lyon Serti has built part of its reputation on its large potential for research and development. To its credit, the creation of a new technique of jewel setting : The Serti LS. Developed in 2002, this process has been nominated for Innovation Awards in 2006. This new technique now boosts creativity of an entire sector. Synonymous of performance and leadership, other sources of innovation should be emphasized: tools workshop, work benches, training of personnel, processes, ...